Nepal_EstherSmiling_SmallEsther Laxmi Thapa was born into a Nepalese family of high-caste, observant Hindus. One day, at the age of 18, she visited her older sister in Kalimpong, India. There, she befriended two teenaged girls named Merry and Sudha.

The three women ventured out to do some shopping. The path was littered with shards of glass. Esther’s two companions stopped, knelt down, and began picking up the jagged pieces.

Perplexed, Esther asked the girls why they were engaged in such an undignified task. “You have shoes and we have shoes,” they replied. “But in this town, many people do not. If they cut their feet, they have no money to go to the hospital. Why don’t you help us clean up the path?”

Esther’s friendship with these two young Christian women shaped her life in many ways. As she attended church and heard about new ideas, the Lord began to speak to her, and eventually, Esther gave her life over to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Esther and her husband Tirtha have been involved in full-time Christian ministry since their early days as a young couple. As Executive Director for International Needs Nepal, Esther oversees the many areas of the ministry, including vocational training, the livelihood program, child sponsorships, and church planting.