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I love to play hide and seek! My favorite foods are dal, rice, and meat curry.

  • Nepal Country

  • 8 Years Old Current Age

  • 9/7/2013 Birthday

Aron belongs to a ethnic tribe called Chepang, an isolated ethnic group of Nepal and India. For over a thousand years, the Chepang lived in very poor conditions. Before they began to settle in villages, the Chepang led a nomadic life, doing some fishing and hunting. Today, they live in sheds made of tree branches and cultivate crops such as maize and millet. The Chepang are struggling to educate their children. Aron’s parents worry that poverty will put an end to education, so they have applied for sponsorship for Aron. Aron’s father, a farmer, whose crops cannot sustain his family, wants his son to be well educated. Aron lives with his parents and sister Khushi in their small house.

Your sponsorship will help Aron in a big way! Through your sponsorship, you provide Aron with nutritious food, an education that will last a lifetime, and a team of people looking out for him. Jonathan will learn how much Jesus loves him - as you know, this is a life-changing message!

Gender: male


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