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Didier Manuel

I want to be a police officer when I grow up!

  • Colombia Country

  • 10 Years Old Current Age

  • 12/26/2011 Birthday

Didier lives with his 3 siblings and his parents at his aunt’s house. They live in a slum called La Playa, on the outskirts of Barranquilla. Didier’s father works as a cashier at a grocery store, his mother maintains their home. They work hard, but the income they are able to earn does not sustain their family. Didier’s parents need help to afford an education for Didier. At home, Didier helps his family by cleaning the home. Didier enjoys school and likes to study, he likes all his school subjects. Your sponsorship will help Didier in a big way! Through your sponsorship, you provide Didier with nutritious food, an education that will last a lifetime, and a team of people looking out for him. Didier will learn how much Jesus loves her - as you know, this is a life-changing message.

Gender: male


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