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I love math! I like to play netball with my friends.

  • Kenya Country

  • 9 Years Old Current Age

  • 6/11/2012 Birthday

Hope lives with her single mother, Florence in Kibera. Florence is a casual laborer but doesn’t have a consistent income. It is hard to find regular work these days as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all aspects of life in the slum. Hope’s mom finds it very difficult to come up with the resources needed to send her to school. Hope and her mom live in a mud and brick one room home, and they buy water daily from a vendor. Hope attends attends Sacred Place Saturday Bible Club. Your sponsorship will help Hope in a big way! Through your sponsorship, you provide Hope with nutritious food, an education that will last a lifetime, and a team of people looking out for her. Hope will learn how much Jesus loves her - as you know, this is a life-changing message!

Gender: female


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