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I enjoy sports and music and my favorite subject is English!

  • Uganda Country

  • 12 Years Old Current Age

  • 1/29/2009 Birthday

Josephine lives with her parents and her three siblings in Uganda. Her father is a bodaboda cyclist, which means he drives a bicycle taxi, and her mother is a homemaker. The family income is very low and unsteady and they need help sending Josephine to school.

Your sponsorship will help Josephine in a big way! Through your sponsorship, you provide Josephine with nutritious food, an education that will last a lifetime, and a team of people looking out for her. Josephine will learn how much Jesus loves her - as you know, this is a life-changing message!

Gender: female


Sponsor Josephine

You can sponsor Josephine today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $38 per month.