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I love to play soccer! I am good at handwriting.

  • Burkina Faso Country

  • 5 Years Old Current Age

  • 9/4/2015 Birthday

Mardoché lives with his parents and brother in Bonne Nouvelle, Burkina Faso. Mardoché’s father is a traditional farmer and his income depends on the crops that he grows. This year there was flooding and many of the crops were ruined. His family is not able to support Mardoché in his studies. The family lives in a rented home made of bricks. They need to buy the water that they use in their home because they do not have running water. His family is Christian. Sponsorship helps a child to go to school, receive an education and lunch every day, have access to medical care, and learn about the love of Jesus. International Needs Burkina Faso works with children who have lost one or two parents, who are disabled, or children from extremely poor families, like street beggars. Sponsorship helps this child to have faith for their future.

Gender: male


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