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  • Ghana Country

  • 14 Years Old Current Age

  • 1/18/2010 Birthday

Mawugbagbe lives in the village of Mepe, in the Volta region of Ghana. His father is a farmer and his mother is a petty trader. They work very hard, but their income is low and they cannot afford Mawugbagbe’s school fees. Mawugbagbe is bright, respectful, and does well in class. Mathematics and English language are his favorite subjects. Mawugbagbe needs support so he can receive a quality education, school supplies, Christian nurture, Bible teaching, and medical care.

Your sponsorship will help Mawugbagbe in a big way! Through your sponsorship, you provide Mawugbagbe with nutritious food, an education that will last a lifetime, and a team of people looking out for him. Mawugbagbe will learn how much Jesus loves him- as you know, this is a life-changing message!

Gender: male


Sponsor Mawugbagbe

You can sponsor Mawugbagbe today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $38 per month.