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I love my Sunday class! I like to play with dolls.

  • Bangladesh Country

  • 10 Years Old Current Age

  • 6/4/2011 Birthday

Nukhingching has one older brother and one younger sister. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a day laborer, working on a farm in the fields in southeastern Bangladesh, Bandarban District. The income he earns is low and he cannot maintain the educational expenses for Nukhingching. The family is so grateful that she has the opportunity to study at the International Needs Bangladesh school. Nukhingching is so excited that she gets to go to school!

Your sponsorship will help Nukhingching in a big way! Through your sponsorship, you provide Nukhingching with an education, accommodation, nutritious food, medical support, clothing, and a team of people looking out for her. Nukhingching will learn so much!

Gender: female


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