Dear Friend,

While this will be my first Christmas as President, I can already see the tremendous impact you have made in the lives of children and families around the world through the special Christmas Family Food Baskets tradition.

For many children in the sponsorship program, the meal they eat at school is the only meal they can count on each day. When these children are away from school at Christmas, many families struggle to provide enough food for their families. Experiencing the pressure created by a lack of food for their children can be very disheartening during what should be a joyous holiday season. Receiving the gift of a Christmas Family Food Basket can be a wonderful blessing to these families!

Can we count on you this Christmas?

When sponsors like you give, children and their families receive important items like rice, oil, canned meat, seasonal vegetables, and other culturally relevant items that are the building blocks for many meals.

We work hard to include all children in this food basket program because we don’t want to provide a food basket for one child’s family and then overlook that child’s best friend who is still waiting for a sponsor. This is why we are inviting you to give to the Christmas Family Food Basket program as a whole, rather than directed only toward your child. We want to make sure all the children, including your child, receive this special Christmas gift.

Will you take five minutes to respond today? Hearing back from you by November 9 will allow time for sponsorship staff in our partner countries to begin planning, ordering, and gathering the many food items that put smiles on the faces of children and parents alike.

We invite you to take advantage of three easy giving options:

1)  Send a check with Christmas Baskets in memo to 5570 32nd Ave, Hudsonville, MI 49426
2)  Give online here 
3)  Call us at (616) 209-5420 to give over the phone

Thank you for your support of children and families around the world. Together, we can impact over 2,000 children and their families!


Jeff Johnson
President and CEO

P.S. Please respond today – this food basket is very important to many families!