Together We Can Make a Big Impact!

While Christmas is still months away, we are already working hard to make sure all the children in the sponsorship program receive a special gift this Christmas.

For many children in the sponsorship program, the meal they receive at school through your sponsorship is their only meal each day. When these children are away from school at Christmas, their families struggle to feed them and many would go hungry without the Christmas Family Food Basket.

Can you help?

When sponsors give to provide food baskets, children and their families receive staple items like rice, oil, canned meat, seasonal vegetables, and other culturally relevant food items that are building blocks for many meals.

We know that sponsors want to bless their particular sponsored child at Christmas, but here is our big concern: we don’t want to provide food for one child’s family and then overlook that child’s best friend whose sponsor isn’t able to give, or children who are in the program but still awaiting sponsorship. When we share food with children and their families, we want to include all the children.

This is why we ask you to give to the Christmas Family Food Basket program as a whole, to make sure all the children, including your special child, receive this gift of food.

Will you take five minutes to respond today?

If you would like to help, please respond soon so sponsorship staff in our partner countries can begin planning, ordering, and gathering the many food items that will put smiles on the faces of children and parents alike.

We have three easy giving options: you can send a check to our office (include Food Baskets in memo), give right here online, or text the amount + “christmas” (ex: 200 christmas) to (616) 499-4193 to give with your credit card via text.

Your ongoing support is so important and we are so grateful for your sponsorship. You embrace these children and give them the opportunity to go to school and hear about Jesus Christ. Thank you!


Teri Van Hekken
Senior Vice President

P.S. Please don’t forget to respond – this family food basket is very important to these children!

Here’s how we’re doing so far – thank you for being part of Christmas Family Food Baskets in 2017!