Education in Ghana is divided into three phases: basic education (kindergarten, primary school, and lower secondary school – 9 years), secondary education (upper secondary school, technical and vocational education – 3 years) and tertiary education (universities, polytechnics and colleges – 4 years).

International Needs Ghana has established dual-operating partnerships with ten primary and secondary schools in villages throughout the Volta Region. The child you are considering sponsoring attends one of those schools.

The goal of the International Needs Child Assistance Program (INCAP) in Ghana is to develop healthy, skilled, and capable future leaders in Ghana.

This over-arching goal of the Child Assistance Program is achieved through four individualized objectives:

• Spiritual and values formation
• Educational development
• Health and physical development
• Leadership and social development

Ghanaian School
Ghanaian School

Academic excellence is administered by certified teachers, and individual achievement is measured through the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which is given upon completion of ninth grade.

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