A Call to Ministry

As a young couple fresh out of Bible school, Prasanna and Arpana Khaling felt the Lord calling them to help young girls in the Siliguri area of India.

Siliguri is in the heart of West Bengal, in the foothills of the Himalayas, close to the border of Nepal. The landscape of this area is stunningly beautiful, but life is hard, especially for young girls whose families are living in poverty. These girls are at high risk of abuse, neglect, or even being sold or lured into human trafficking.

As the Khalings sensed their call, they prayed and waited on the Lord to show them how to get involved. One morning, the Khalings received a call from an elderly lady who said she knew of a child who needed to be rescued or else she would be sold. The Lord was showing them the need and they went to work.

This child had been abandoned by her mother at the age of five and her father committed suicide shortly after. She lived with her grandmother and then her grandmother died of tuberculosis. The little girl’s uncle looked at this vulnerable 8-year-old and saw an opportunity to make money by selling her into prostitution. The Khalings traveled to the little girl’s village but the uncle would not let her go. They came back with legal paperwork and the uncle reluctantly signed.

Prasanna and Arpana

Prasanna and Arpana praised the Lord for His work and this little girl became their first adopted daughter at the Sano Diyo home. Today beloved 35 daughters live at Sano Diyo.

Sano Diyo is a place of healing. Faces of sadness and fear gradually become faces of joy and love as these girls learn what it means to be a valued and dearly loved member of a family. These abandoned girls are growing into confident young women who, most importantly of all, love Jesus.

Enlarging the Tent

Prasanna and Arpana continue looking to the Lord for His guidance in ministry. In the last few years, He has laid this verse upon their hearts,

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
and strengthen your stakes.”
Isaiah 54:2

This enlarging of their tent has included branching out into the community and helping with educational needs for children living in the villages surrounding Siliguri.

The Lord is also providing for a community need through construction of a building that will have a hall, activity center, guest accommodation, large meeting room, and a training school. Generous supporters from New Zealand provided the funds to build this new center, and now it’s time to prepare for everything that will go inside when construction is complete. Click here for more details about the new ministry center.

The ministry center will be a way to reach out to the community through summer camps, Vacation Bible School, worship services, weddings, seminars, medical camps, and will be a place for children to play when the weather is wet.

The training school will help children and young adults from smaller villages to participate in computer training that is vital in today’s work force. Many bright young students don’t have the resources to pay for computer training, so this school is an important tool for a future where most jobs require computer skills.

Please pray with us for this enlarging of the tent in Siliguri. The Lord’s faithfulness is apparent in Prasanna and Arpana’s lives, as well as the lives of the young women at Sano Diyo, and we are thankful for the many people who pray for and support this vibrant ministry.

Click here to help fill the new ministry center with everything needed for ministry!