Sarah Lwanga believes that children and families matter deeply to the Lord and her faithful work reflects that passion.

When Sarah began working as a child development officer with International Needs Uganda in 2000, she was hesitant to tell her mother. Buikwe, where International Needs Uganda is based, is a small town in the Buikwe District of Uganda’s Central Region. The Nile River runs through the district, and many people make a living by fishing its waters.

Buikwe is also known for witchcraft and the abduction and mistreatment of children.

But Sarah told her mother about this job opportunity and had faith that she could make a difference in the lives of children and families.

In her role as child development officer, Sarah reached out to Buikwe’s communities, building relationships and teaching families about the love of Jesus and the dignity and sanctity of children. She became an advocate for education – especially for girls, who are often not afforded this privilege – and she worked to communicate the pitfalls of child marriage.

“I love children because of their true nature,” says Sarah. “In them, there are no lies. And you can immediately tell when they are impacted.”

Sarah also oversaw the spiritual development goals of the child sponsorship program. She rejoiced as she witnessed children and families transformed through improved nutrition, good education, and access to the Word of God.

In July 2013, Sarah transitioned into the role of human resources manager for IN Uganda. Now she oversees personnel needs and welcomes and accommodates IN guests. She also serves as a monitoring and evaluation officer for WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), a project that involves educating and sensitizing the community on the value of clean water and proper toilet sanitation and hygiene. Lives continue to be changed through Sarah’s faithfulness to the Lord’s call on her life.

We are thankful for Sarah’s servant heart and the faithful care she puts into her ministry with IN Uganda.

We are also thankful for supporters like you, who believe that children and families matter deeply to the Lord. Your prayers and support mean so much and we are grateful for you.

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