Holy Cow


Our income enhancement program in Uganda models a way for families to provide nutrition and tuition for education as well as income for other necessities. One afternoon, we met Prosy, a young woman in her early thirties. About three years ago, she benefited from a cow supplied by IN Uganda and has turned that cow into a revenue generator that provides for the education of four of her seven children and has even provided the funding for the construction of a small house that she will rent to others upon completion.

Prosy’s story is not all that uncommon. Before IN Uganda heard about her need, her husband had died of AIDS. In spite of her dire circumstances, she rejoices in what she believes was God’s goodness in providing the cow. I asked her what made her happy. Her reply was priceless, “What makes me happy is to have fellowship with other Christians from my church. It was there that I learned that God is the father of the fatherless and a husband to the widow. God has taken care of us and He has provided and blessed this cow.” That is a holy cow!





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