Getting Their Attention

“Hello! My name is Petr Kadlec and I would like to welcome you to today’s program about Heroism 2.0. Just a minute, I have forgotten something.”

Petr rushes to the next room, closes the door, climbs a chair, makes a racket falling down from the chair, and starts to groan. Then he waits.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Four seconds.

Five seconds. Two frightened students open the door to check on Petr.

“Great! This is today’s topic! How did you feel when you heard the noise and the groaning?” This is how Petr begins Heroism 2.0, the newest topic in his school lecture repertoire.

In his work both inside and outside classrooms in the Czech Republic, Petr looks at the world through the eyes of young people and finds ingenious ways to reach them.

Petr is part of INCZ’s Healthy Youth program and he is invited into public school classrooms to share about topics like alcohol, drugs, relationships, sex, and bullying. Through interactive classroom games, Petr challenges students to think differently, to work together, and to examine what is right versus what is easy.

And the students? They are hungry for what Petr has to say. In fact, Petr’s lecture schedule is already completely filled through the end of 2018!

Even in this public school setting, there are opportunities for Petr to share the gospel as the young people see how Petr is different and wonder why. His love for the Lord is apparent in his honesty and care for the students he meets, as well as the creative ways he develops to reach the students in their world.

YouTube: The Easter Story

“I have news for you. In January I founded a YouTube channel called Ethics Among the Worlds. You can have a look at home and you can play videos for your siblings or friends. These are five minute videos on various topics. For example, bullying. What to do when I am bullied and videos about cyber bullying or prejudice. I can play you one of them now if you want.”

Petr’s program in a 6th grade class at Komenskeho basic school was almost over and everything was proceeding as normal until this moment. The students were already familiar with Petr’s YouTube channel.

“Yes, yes!” the students cried.

“Which one would you like to watch?” Petr asked.

“The Easter Story!”

Cold sweat ran down Petr’s neck at that moment. The Easter Story is a gospel message video about Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection and in this video, Petr confesses his faith in Jesus. In this public school classroom with the teacher sitting right there, Petr would be sharing the gospel. With the many other options of topics like pornography, video games, and internet deceptions, the students clamored for The Easter Story.

So Petr played The Easter Story video with a prayer and the response of the students was amazing.
With the encouragement of dear friends, Petr spent two years developing the right video format to reach young people. The result is the kind of video student crave – illustrations, costumes, action, humor, and strong messages about things that matter.

Today, these videos have received more than 13,000 views. The Easter Story itself has 650 views, which means at least 650 people have heard the gospel, Petr’s testimony, and a call to read the Bible and pray.

In Petr’s own words,

“Is this to my credit? No way! Thanks and praise belong to God, all the glory is His!”

Pray for Petr 

Please pray with us for Petr and the other creative, passionate Healthy Youth workers as they continue to reach out to students who are hungry for news of a Savior who cares about them. Thank you for your love and concern for these workers in the Czech Republic and the students they meet. We are blessed to be on this ministry journey together.

Want to learn more about Petr Kadlec? Watch the videos he created for his YouTube channel here!