Current Sponsors

What can I send to the child I sponsor?

A letter or short note is a great way to let your child know that you care. You can write on your own paper or print this sheet to use. You are also welcome to include one or two light, flat items with your note.

Here are some ideas of things to send: sheet of stickers, postcard of your town, family photo, bookmark, coloring sheets 

We are not able to accept heavier items such as coloring books, clothing, crayons, pencils, etc. If sponsors send things we can’t accept, we donate them to a local charity. Letters and light, flat items may be sent to: Sponsorship Department, International Needs, 5570 32nd Avenue, Hudsonville, MI 49426

How can I pay for my sponsorship without having to send a check each month?

Our Direct Giving program is a great resource for people who want to make sure their sponsorship is always paid on time. You can choose Direct Giving through your checking account, which is our favorite option because there are no fees for you or for International Needs. You may also choose Direct Giving through a credit card.

For either option, print this sheet and follow the directions to get started! Problems downloading the form? Give us a call and we’ll send you one! Ask for the Sponsorship Department at (616) 209-5420.

Can you give me some ideas for writing to my child?

Simple is best! English probably isn’t your child’s first language, so keep it short, and use neat handwriting (printing is probably the clearest option!).

Pick one or two of these ideas and save the rest for another time:

  • Share your favorite Bible verse
  • Tell them you are praying for them
  • Let them know that they matter to you
  • Encourage them in their schoolwork
  • Share about your family
  • Tell them what school subjects you liked as a child


Sponsorship Basics

How are children chosen for International Needs’ sponsorship program?

Our country directors and their team of staff members are uniquely invested in each International Needs project. They know the needs of the community and are able to identify the children in need of immediate care. These children are added to IN’s sponsorship program and our team then works to find people like you who will sponsor them, giving them the support and opportunity they need for a future of hope and purpose.

What if I am unable to continue supporting my sponsored child?

We understand that your commitment to child sponsorship may change over time. While our hope is that sponsors will make their sponsorship a priority, if you are unable to continue in your sponsorship commitment we ask that you contact us immediately so our team can find another sponsor for your sponsored child.

Can I support more than one child?

We encourage you to sponsor as many children as you are able to sponsor. We are always in need of more sponsors because there are always children waiting for sponsorship. Sponsor a child today!

What is the difference between child sponsorship and scholarships?

The short answer is that child sponsorships are for children in primary and secondary school. Scholarships are for students continuing their education after what the USA calls high school.

Scholarships provide young men and women with additional training in trades and employable jobs such as teaching, agriculture, nursing, and pastoral leadership. However, the cost to educate a young person continuing in secondary schooling or vocational training is much more than primary education. Like child sponsorship, scholarships provide young people with basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter as well as tuition fees. The International Needs scholarship program equips young people with the knowledge and skills they need to invest into the economic and social infrastructures of their community.