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Shilpa Tripura

Birthday: March 12, 2011
Age: 7
Country: Bangladesh


I like to play with dolls! Christian religion class is my favorite subject in school.

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Shilpa Tripura

Shilpa lives with her parents in the southeast part of Bangladesh, in a one room hut made of bamboo, wood, and iron sheets. They get drinking water from their local well. Shilpa’s mother is a housewife, her father is a daily laborer, going out each day to find work in other people’s fields. He gets paid very little to do very difficult labor. The family has a hard time affording their daily needs and an education for Shilpa. They are all very grateful for the opportunity for Shilpa to study at the International Needs Savar Children’s Village.

An education in Bangladesh is so important because it helps to break the cycle of poverty and give hope for a brighter future. Sponsorship provides children with housing, an education, a school uniform and supplies, a warm meal, medical care, and they are lovingly taught the Word of God at the Savar Children’s Village.


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