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Brenne De La Cruz Montero

Birthday: April 16, 2010
Age: 8
Country: Colombia


I love to draw! At home, I help clean the house.

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Brenne De La Cruz Montero

Brenne lives with her parents and two sisters in a slum called La Playa, on the outskirts of Barranquilla. Her father sells ice cream from a bicycle cart and her mother is a housewife. The family’s income is low and very unstable. Therefore, Brenne needs support so that she can attend school. The family lives in a wood house that is still under construction. They have electricity, water, and gas but not a sewer. Brenne lives far from school and next door there is a vacant lot with animals like rats, snail, and crabs.

La Rosa de Saron is an educational outreach to a displaced community suffering from poverty and persecution. Children at the school receive a quality education, school uniforms, and health care. They are lovingly taught the Word of God.

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