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Miguel Angel Herndez Ortega

Birthday: February 4, 2013
Age: 5
Country: Colombia


I want to be a police officer when I grow up! At school, I like devotions time and English.

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Miguel Angel Herndez Ortega

Miguel is a shy boy. He likes to go to school and listen to his teacher read stories. His mother is a student and she works odd jobs to earn enough to meet their needs. His father is not in his life. Without support, Miguel would not be able to get an education. Miguel lives with his mother in his aunt’s house. The house is made of cement and has water, electricity, and natural gas. It is in a slum called La Playa, on the outskirts of Barranquilla.

La Rosa de Saron is an educational outreach to a displaced community suffering from poverty and persecution. Children at the school receive a quality education, school uniforms, and health care. They are lovingly taught the Word of God.

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