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Salome Sofia Perez Escudero

Birthday: January 22, 2014
Age: 4
Country: Colombia


I like to play outside and I want to be a teacher.

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Salome Sofia Perez Escudero

Salome lives with her parents and three brothers in a family home with several other families in a slum called La Playa, on the outskirts of Barranquilla. Her father is a bricklayer, working hard doing different jobs seasonally as he can find work, and her mother is a housewife. The family cannot afford to send Salome to school and provide for the family. Salome arrives to school by foot, walking with friends and relatives. Salome is a happy girl and she likes to study, color, and play with her classmates.

La Rosa de Saron is an educational outreach to a displaced community suffering from poverty and persecution. Children at the school receive a quality education, school uniforms, and health care. They are lovingly taught the Word of God.

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