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Atsufe Dzuvor

Birthday: August 12, 1999
Age: 18
Country: Ghana


I like playing soccer with my friends and my favorite subject is learning the Ghanaian language.

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Atsufe Dzuvor

Atsufe lives with her parents and her six siblings, including her twin sister, in the small community of Kebenu, in the Volta region of Ghana. her parents are both peasant farmers who work hard on their field to provide for their large family and try to sell what they can for income. The family lives in a mud house with no electricity and their source for water is from the river.

An education is so important in Ghana because it helps to break the cycle of poverty. Families in our sponsorship program earn such a low income that they are struggling to provide for their basic needs and simply cannot afford to send their child to school. At the International Needs school in Kebenu, children would receive a warm meal, a quality education, school supplies, medical care, and Christian nurture.

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