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Beatrice Diamenu

Birthday: July 7, 2011
Age: 7
Country: Ghana


I enjoy playing Ampe with my friends!

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Beatrice Diamenu

Beatrice lives with her family of 6 in a small community outside of Kebenu, in the Volta region of Ghana. She is a little old for her grade as her parents could not afford to send her to school. Beatrice’s parents both work very hard as farmers. Sponsorship would allow her to stay in school and give her a bright future. Beatrice loves to learn new things and is very creative, she loves art.

Families in Ghana face poverty, malnutrition, child labor, and disease. An education gives children hope for a promising future. Your love and support would provide this child in Ghana with a quality education, school supplies, Christian nurture, Bible teaching, and medical care.

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