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Daniella Nkansah

Birthday: unknown
Age: unknown
Country: Ghana


I like playing ampe.

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Daniella Nkansah

Daniella is a kindergarten pupil of Agortome School. She likes playing ampe with her friends. In class her favorite subjects are creative arts and mathematics. Daniella and her parents live in a small cement block house in Agortome in the Volta region of Ghana. Her father weaves kente (local fabric) to support the family since her mother is unemployed. He has trouble making enough of an income and he cannot provide for the basic needs of Daniella and her baby brother. Your support will be appreciated by her family.

In countries like Ghana, many families do not have the money to pay school fees for their children to go to school. Through International Needs, your child receives food, clothing, medical care, schooling, Christian nurture, and Bible teaching at the school in Agortorme.



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