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Joana Amanortey

Birthday: December 2, 2011
Age: 7
Country: Ghana


I love art and am very creative. I also like to play ampe.

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Joana Amanortey

Joana lives with her parents and younger brother in a mud brick house roofed with thatch in a small community outside of Agave-Kuve. Her father sells and trades small items in the market and her mother weaves mats, but their income is low and unstable. They are not able to meet the needs of the family and provide Joana everything she needs to go to school. Her parents believe in educating their daughter and with their limited resources are doing their best. However, Joana needs support so that she can receive school supplies, a uniform, and a good education. Joana is a very creative girl and she loves art.

Families in Ghana face poverty, malnutrition, child labor, and disease.  Education gives children hope for a promising future. Your love and support would provide this child in Ghana with a quality education, school supplies, Christian nurture, Bible teaching, and medical care.

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