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Mawumenyo Dageshi

Birthday: December 5, 2003
Age: 15
Country: Ghana


I love to play outside and skip. I like learning English.

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Mawumenyo Dageshi

Mawumenyo lives with her parents and six siblings in a farming community outside of Kebenu, in the Volta region of Ghana. She enjoys going to school and loves English so much; she wants to be a journalist in the future which she hopes to accomplish through education. Her parent’s incomes are very low but they are just managing to keep Mawumenyo and some of her siblings in school. Support for her would ease the burden for her parents and allow more of her parents funds to go to her other siblings.

Families in Ghana face poverty, malnutrition, child labor, and disease. An education gives children hope for a promising future. Your love and support would provide this child in Ghana with a quality education, school supplies, Christian nurture, Bible teaching, and medical care.

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