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Obed Asidigbe

Birthday: November 11, 2003
Age: 13
Country: Ghana


Math and English are my favorite subjects.

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Obed Asidigbe

Obed lives with his aunt and five siblings. Obed’s father has passed away and his mother sells smoked fish, living and working in another community. His aunt is a peasant farmer, she is doing her best to provide for Obed and her own children. Obed is intelligent and jovial and loves school very much. His mother and aunt are doing their very best, but they need a little support to send Obed to school.

An education is so important in Ghana because it helps to break the cycle of poverty. Families in our sponsorship program earn such a low income that they are struggling to send their child to school. At the International Needs school children would receive a warm meal, a quality education, school supplies, medical care, and Christian nurture.



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