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Xorla Ahakua

Birthday: February 1, 2002
Age: 17
Country: Ghana


I love playing soccer! My favorite class in school is Information, Communication, and Technology.

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Xorla Ahakua

Xorla lives with his parents and six brothers in a small community outside of Kebenu, in the Volta region of Ghana. They live in a thatched roof mud house. Xorla’s father is a farmer and his mother trades small items at the local market. His parents are faced with financial difficulty and cannot afford to provide for his basic needs. They struggle to provide an education for him. Xorla enjoys the nutritious meals served at lunch at Kebanu School. Sponsorship would help him reach his goal of becoming a computer engineer.

Families in Ghana face poverty, malnutrition, child labor, and disease. An education gives children hope for a promising future. Your love and support would provide this child in Ghana with a quality education, school supplies, Christian nurture, Bible teaching, and medical care.

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