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Abel Nyongesa

Birthday: January 1, 2005
Age: 12
Country: Kenya


I have six siblings. I love to go to school and my favorite subject is science.

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Abel Nyongesa

Abel lives in a one-room mud hut with his parents and six siblings. His father is a watchman and his income is very low. He cannot send Abel to school without support. Abel loves playing soccer, he doesn’t know when his birthday is but he was born in 2005. He helps the family around the house by washing dishes.

Kibera is the second largest slum in Africa, with about a quarter of a million people living in 1.5 square miles. There is no waste removal or clean water. Open sewage runs through the slum.

Your love and support will provide much needed encouragement, food, clothing, and Christian teaching for Abel through the International Needs school in Kenya.

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