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Moses Otieno

Birthday: November 30, 2007
Age: 11
Country: Kenya


I love playing football. I help my mom by fetching water for our family. My favorite subject is math.

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Moses Otieno

Moses lives with his mother, six brothers, and two sisters in a home with mud walls and a metal roof. His mom is a single parent without a stable job to support her family. Moses lost a sibling through a tragic accident near home, and it took Moses a long while to recover from the trauma. He was very withdrawn and sometimes had tantrums. He has shown improvement lately. He is a bright boy in school. They do not have any running water in their home, so they must buy water daily in 20 liter jugs from water vendors.

Kibera is the second largest slum in Africa. There is no waste removal or clean water, and open sewage runs through the slum. Education comes at a high price to the children here. Sponsorship provides school fees, a school uniform, lunch at school, a monthly food basket, emergency medical care, and the Saturday Bible Club through International Needs Kenya.

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