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Sheila Abishiba

Birthday: February 19, 2009
Age: 9
Country: Kenya


I love to play soccer and I love to run! I really like learning math.

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Sheila Abishiba

Sheila lives with her parents, two brothers, and sister in Gatwekera village in Kibera. They live in a one room home made of sticks and mud walls. They do not have any running water in their home so they must buy water daily in 20 liter jugs from water vendors. Sheila’s father works as a driver and her mother serves tables at an eatery in Kibera. They do not have a sustainable income source, but they have many who are dependant on them. Sheila is very bright and it would be a great encouragement to her siblings and family if she was able to continue her education.

Kibera is the second largest slum in Africa. There is no waste removal or clean water, and open sewage runs through the slum. Sponsorship provides school fees, a school uniform, lunch at school, a monthly food basket, emergency medical care, and the Saturday Bible Club through International Needs Kenya.

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