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Sylvia Anyona

Birthday: April 8, 2007
Age: 10
Country: Kenya


I enjoy reading and playing ball games.

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Sylvia Anyona

Sylvia’s father abandoned the family so she lives with her mother and her brother and sister in a one-room mud brick home in the Kibera slum in Kenya. Her mother works as a cook but her income is very low and unsteady and she needs help supporting her three children and sending Sylvia to school.

The family lives in Kibera, a large slum with around a quarter of a million people living in 1.5 square miles. There is no waste removal or clean water and open sewage runs through the slum. Education is very expensive in Kibera as the children need to provide their own school supplies. Your love and support will provide food, clothing, medical care, hope, and Christian teaching through the International Needs school in Kenya.

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