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Anisa Tamang

Birthday: August 2, 2010
Age: 7
Country: Nepal


When I grow up, I want to be involved in the church ministry. My favorite subjects at school are English and science.

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Anisa Tamang

Anisa’s family home and cow barn were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. They have now moved to a larger city in search of a better life and better education for their daughter. Anisa’s father suffers from epilepsy and takes medicine regularly. However, he still has times he cannot work. He supports his wife and daughter by working as a tenant peasant farmer. Anisa’s mother works as a laborer earning wages each day that she can find work. Together they live in one rented room. Anisa’s parents are in a critical financial situation. At home Anisa helps her parents with the daily┬áchores.

An education is so important because it helps to break the cycle of poverty and gives hope for a brighter future. Sponsorship in Nepal provides children with tuition costs.


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