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Prajjwal Khadka

Birthday: December 8, 2008
Age: 8
Country: Nepal


I like to play games! My favorite subject in school is English. I help my parents by washing dishes and fetching clean water.

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Prajjwal Khadka

Prajjwal and his family live in a rented home made of bricks. The family recently moved from a very remote area of Nepal to Lalitpur District in hopes of better opportunities for their family. Prajjwal has an older sister and a younger brother. His mother takes care of the home, and his father works in the service industry. The family’s income scarcely provides for their daily needs and makes it almost impossible to afford an education for their children. Prajjwal is a very smart boy and works diligently in his school work.

An education is so important because it helps to break the cycle of poverty and give hope for a brighter future. Sponsorship in Nepal provides children with tuition costs.

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