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Roshani Saru

Birthday: August 8, 2008
Age: 9
Country: Nepal


I like to sing, dance, and play with my friends. I study hard. My favorite subjects are English and science.

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Roshani Saru

Roshani lives with her baby sister and her parents. They own a small plot of land and their thatched house. Income from the land is not enough to support this family of four, so her father also works as tenant peasant farmer in the fields of others. Her mother takes care of the home and children. After the 2015 earthquake, costs of commodities have increased greatly. Roshani’s family works hard but they are not able to meet all their expenses with their very limited income. They need help to send Roshani to school. Roshani helps at home with the daily chores as well as taking care of her baby sister.

An education is so important because it helps to break the cycle of poverty and gives hope for a brighter future. Sponsorship in Nepal provides children with tuition costs.




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