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Tresa Chipango

Birthday: November 3, 2005
Age: 13
Country: Zambia


I like studying English and reading. I help at home by doing house chores.

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Tresa Chipango

Tresa lives with her mother, sister, and three brothers in the village of Misaka, which is in the central part of Zambia. Tresa’s father has died. Her mother works in the local market, selling vegetables, but earns a low income. She has a difficult time providing all that her family needs. Tresa would benefit greatly from assistance for her education.

Orphans and children who still have their parents attend school at Misaka. Children in the International Needs Zambia sponsorship program receive a quality education, school supplies, a uniform, shoes and a backpack, a blanket, medical care, and spiritual care. Their families also receive monthly food baskets and spiritual and financial counseling.

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