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How support from people like you gave Sunita a big dream

Sunita was a young woman in the midst of setting up her small business when a devastating earthquake hit.

As a new graduate of the IN Lydia Vocational Training Center in Nepal, Sunita was full of hope and ideas for the future. At the Lydia Center, she had learned sewing skills so she could set up her own business and support herself.

Then a devastating earthquake swept away Sunita’s home and destroyed her family. The disaster changed everything about Sunita’s plans, but she was determined to succeed.

Sunita moved to Kathmandu to work in a tailoring shop and try to rebuild her life. The little she earned didn’t even cover her expenses.

Sunita felt so alone.

During the difficult time after the Nepal earthquake, Sunita received a gift of seed money through International Needs to start her own sewing business. From that day, Sunita’s life changed. Someone like you believed in her, and it was easier to believe in herself.

Starting a business was hard. The days were long. But she remained dedicated.

Today, Sunita’s business has grown to a point where she employs other young Lydia Center graduates who are just starting out.

Sunita has such a strong drive to help others that she has started a piggy bank where she sets aside part of what she earns.

Her plan for this piggy bank? To support other young women to go to the Lydia Center and see their own lives transformed!

“As I have received support, I do want to support needy ladies like me by running a training center one day.” Sunita shared.

Because of people like you, Sunita is able to dream big. Thank you for the difference you are making for young women in Nepal!