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A New School Building is Nearly Complete

Your support and prayers helped build a bigger school where more children can experience the love of Jesus

A small village school in Naogoan, Bangladesh was started 20 years ago as a way to unify the whole village and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Your prayers and support helped make the school a place children of all religions want to attend. And these children are experiencing the love of Jesus!

When the Naogoan school in Bangladesh started 20 years ago, Hindu and Muslim people would not mix in the Naogoan village – they remained completely separate.

In fact, even after a disastrous flood where families were starving, each group would only eat life-saving emergency meals cooked by someone from their own faith.

The IN Bangladesh director prayed to the Lord for a way to unify the village and be able to share the love of Jesus Christ.

A village school for all the children was the answer!

The small Naogoan village school was a big success. It became the unifying force in the community! And suddenly villagers of all faiths were eating meals cooked by a Christian!

Today the small school cannot contain the number of children of all religions who want to attend. And all these children are experiencing the love of Jesus Christ.

To meet this growing demand, a larger school building was constructed. And the new building is nearly complete!

Praise the Lord and thank you for making this new school possible! Please continue to pray for the school and for the children who will attend. Many of them will be experiencing the love of Jesus Christ for the very first time!