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No Longer Living in Fear

How the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ released Nguyen from fear

68 year-old Nguyen (pronounced win) spent many years caught up in gambling and idol worshipping.

Gambling was on his mind from morning until night. Nguyen was consumed by his gambling addiction.

Three years ago Nguyen met Doan, an IN Vietnam community worker. Doan shared the gospel with Nguyen, telling him that the power of Christ is more powerful than his addiction.

Desperate for a change, Nguyen accepted Christ as his Savior and was baptized into the body of Christ. Nguyen shared, “Giving up gambling has brought me peace and comfort. I no longer live in fear of losing or being caught by the police.”

Nguyen is beyond grateful to the Lord for his indescribable gift. You made it possible community workers in Vietnam to share the love of Christ with Nguyen and many other people. Thank you!