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Then The Quarantine Hit

You helped a student in Nepal accept Jesus even after she returned home to her village

Ganga was just on the point of turning her life over to Jesus Christ when the quarantine hit. But even though she had to suddenly return to her home village because of the pandemic, you made it possible for her to accept Jesus from hundreds of miles away!

Ganga came from a Hindu background. She had endured heartbreak when her husband left her, taking their three-year-old child.

At the Lydia Vocational Training Center in Nepal, Ganga began to come alive as the students and staff embraced and loved her.

Ganga shared, “They prayed for me even though I was a Hindu. Witnessing their love forced me to look to Jesus.”

Then the quarantine hit. Ganga was sent home, along with all the other students. But with your support, Lydia coordinator Kalpana Tamang found a new way to reach Ganga.

Ganga participated in phone-based discipleship meetings with Kalpana. And not long after, Ganga accepted Jesus through her local church!

“From that day I have never stopped reading scriptures,” Ganga reflected, “and I share my personal testimony in front of all.”

Even while people were in quarantine, they learned about Jesus Christ because your support empowered workers around the world to reach them in new ways.

Thank you so much for your trust and your commitment to the gospel!