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You Kept The Gospel Flowing

Because of you, a woman in Nepal received healing and heard about Jesus Christ during the pandemic

Thanks to your support, new people are hearing the gospel in Nepal — and they are responding!

Renu is a 24-year-old woman who lives in a village served by IN community worker Bel Rokka. Renu was suffering unbearable pain in her back. Sometimes the pain was so excruciating it caused her to vomit.

One night, Renu’s mother-in-law called Bel Rokka and asked if he would pray for healing for Renu. The mother-in-law knew Bel was a Christian and had heard of his faith.

When Bel arrived, he saw Renu in a weak and painful state. Bel asked if he could pray for Renu, and both she and her mother-in-law agreed. Bel encouraged them with Scripture, giving them faith and hope in the power of Christ Jesus. As he prayed for Renu, he asked for healing and freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.

Later that evening, Bel prayed again. And Renu started to feel the pain slowly go away. Seeing the progress, for the third time, Bel prayed for Jesus to heal her. Finally Renu was relieved of pain and was able to sleep soundly through the rest of the night.

Your generosity made it possible for Renu to hear the gospel through Bel Rokka’s efforts, giving her a chance to receive Christ as her personal Savior. Thank you for making it possible to share the gospel, even during a pandemic!