The World of a Child

uganda_childrenmatter_optChildren are a delight. Everywhere we go, there is a fascination with the camera. They love seeing their picture after it is taken.

Children, even this young, are vital to the well-being of families. These children from Uganda (pictured right) often have to walk up to three kilometers to get clean water, sometimes twice a day. Oftentimes, with the distance and time waiting for the next turn at the well, they are delayed for school or miss it altogether. Their mothers were telling us of their concern for the children’s safety.

Among the dangers are abductions. Even though outlawed, child sacrifice is still practiced in some parts of the country with the belief that such sacrifices provide wealth and opportunity. These are two very important reasons why we want to locate a new well in this Ugandan village so these children do not have to walk so far and risk so much for their families to have clean, safe water.





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