Egypt_HelpingWoman_Small_optOne Woman’s Dream Became a Vocational Training Center in Egypt.

Sawsan is a pharmacist who was born and raised in Egypt. She and her husband Nathan could have lived anywhere in the world, but felt the Lord calling them to stay in Egypt to share their Christian faith.

During the uprisings in 2013, Sawsan ministered to many wounded people. During one of the bloody protests, their Muslim neighbor’s son began running away and was shot in the back and killed. Sawsan’s heart broke for the family. Nathan and Sawsan live and work side-by-side with people of the Muslim faith, and they did their best to provide what comfort they could to the grieving family.

Along with her job as a pharmacist, Sawsan has been a big part of International Needs ministry over the years. With her husband Nathan serving as the International Needs executive director in Egypt, Sawsan is in a key place to serve the poor, the sick, and refugees.

Women are considered second class citizens in Egypt and Sawsan’s heart is drawn to the women she meets who need encouragement and resources.

One particular woman needed a way to feed her family and figured out a way to buy vegetables and then resell them for a profit. When Sawsan saw that her plan worked, she gave her some money so she could buy more vegetables every day.

This small investment in a hardworking woman made a very big difference in her ability to support her family.

These ministry experiences sparked Sawsan’s dream of running a vocational training center. The center would focus on teaching marketable skills that would provide income to a family. And Sawsan’s love for the Lord took the dream a step further – in a country where many people don’t know the Lord, the training center would share about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

There was no space for such a center and no funding – only a dream. But when Sawsan stepped out in faith, the Lord built on this dream with space for the training center, and funding to renovate the space and purchase equipment. In December of 2014, Sawsan stepped away from her profession as a pharmacist so she could better focus on getting the training center up and running.

Right now, the first students are attending the vocational training center! They have the option to learn computers, hairdressing, hair-cutting, sewing, computer repair, air conditioner repair, mobile phone repair, as well as English classes.

Sawsan’s dream was blessed by the Lord and she is moving forward with her deep love of the Lord, as well as trust that He will provide for future needs as she loves and ministers to the people around her.

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