An Egyptian businessman had a dream that one day he would be able to help the people in his country in a significant way. He was introduced to Nathan from International Needs, who shared his vision of a vocational training center that would equip the people in his country with the skills needed to find good jobs.

Egypt plummeted into a severe economic decline after the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and the subsequent forceful takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood. Many workers lost their jobs and didn’t have the skills needed to find new jobs, leaving many families desperate.

God worked through many different people to make the vocational training center a reality. The businessman purchased an apartment building in Cairo and in May 2015, after months of renovations, the center opened to its first group of students. Christian and Muslim students alike are now able to learn valuable skills such as English, computers, hairdressing, air conditioner repair, computer repair, and mobile phone repair.

The English and computer classes are vital for students to be able to participate in the global market.

Students proudly display their new certificates
Students proudly display their new certificates

Upon completion of the other five courses, students receive starter kits that allow them to open a business in their area of focus.

The first group of students recently completed their training and have brought their new skills into their communities. The training center has opened its doors to everyone, regardless of religion, and is delivering the message of God in a practical and tangible way.