Clean Water Sustains Life

The World Health Organization estimates there are 160 million people worldwide infected with schistosomiasis, which is caused by a parasitic worm found in open sources of freshwater such as streams, rivers, and ponds. The disease, second only to malaria in its prevalence, leads to tens of thousands of deaths annually.

In February, a team of medical volunteers uncovered an unusually high number of cases of schistosomiasis among the villagers they treated during their six-day service in Ghana. The World Factbook estimates that there is only one physician for every 10,000 people in Ghana, so it is easy to understand why cases of schistosomiasis go undetected and untreated. This is a problem that exists throughout the world – but the solutions are simple and affordable. You can help!

International Needs Efforts

Bore wells may be installed in even the remotest villages under $12,000 USD. International Needs will launch an online fundraising effort later this year to invite donors to crowdfund the water and sanitation needs our ministry partners are facing.


You can be among the first to contribute toward providing clean water for an International Needs partner. A gift of any amount will be used to install a bore well that will provide life-sustaining clean water to a village.

Here is an example of a what a bore well can produce for a village: