The families in Naogoan, Bangladesh had a big problem: they were constantly battling health problems like diarrhea and cholera. These diseases were especially hard on the young children.

While the reason was clear (unsafe water), the solution was not as clear. Families were doing their best to travel to the nearest government primary school, which was the only place they could access clean water. The trip was long, they had to go on foot, and the bulk of the work fell to moms and children.

The long walk for water was especially grueling for pregnant women. Many times they had to go without water or make do with whatever they could find, safe or not.

When the International Needs school in Naogoan installed a submersible pump and deep tube well, life changed for the entire community.

Courtyard teaching sessions were held to teach the community about personal hygiene and how to

All smiles with clean water
All smiles with clean water

keep their families safe with the new clean water. Now the community takes an active role in cleaning and maintaining their homes.

With access to safe drinking water, sanitary latrines, and information on personal hygiene, families in the Naogoan community are now living healthier lives, free of the many dangerous diseases that were part of their lives for generations.

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