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Featured World Recipe:
Mint and Coriander Pickle from Nepal

IMG_4557.JPGLast autumn, Esther and Shreya Thapa from International Needs Nepal paid a visit to the United States. The mother and daughter team shared many touching stories about how the Lord is working in Nepal.

While they were here, Esther and Shreya cooked and shared a beautiful meal with the IN USA staff. As a staff, we were honored to eat the meal and taste the wonderful spicy food they prepared with such love and care.

Traditional Nepali food features a rich variety of herbs and spices. EstherStaffEating_opt created a beautiful step-by-step recipe presentation with photos so we can try making mint and coriander pickle, which is a relish-type condiment.

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Recipe: Mint and Coriander Pickle





Esther taught us another important lesson. If you want to compliment your Nepali chef, take another helping!

Enjoy your meal! How did your recipe turn out? Email us!

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