Seminary in a Suitcase equips local pastors, church planters, and church leaders to effectively and faithfully communicate the gospel to people in their communities.  Based on International Needs core value of gospel proclamation in both word and deed, the program prepares pastors with the tools needed to help meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people.

Our Approach

A smile from Stefan (right) at recent Seminary in a Suitcase
A smile from Stefan (right) at recent Seminary in a Suitcase

National church leaders in the majority world are often characterized by:

  • Limited access to theological education and biblical instruction, which can sometimes affect the integrity of instruction or effectiveness of ministry
  • Limited resources, which often contribute to the need to work additional jobs or serve more than one church, which often contribute to overwork, fatigue, and weariness
  • Limited encouragement, as they serve, often in isolation, in contexts that are indifferent, resistant, or even hostile toward the faith they proclaim

Seminary in a Suitcase is designed to address these needs by equipping pastors with limited access to educational resources and by encouraging pastors with demanding ministry responsibilities and challenging ministry contexts. We do this by presenting in-country seminars for local pastors, church planters, or other Christian co-workers. At these seminars we offer solid instruction that is devotional in character, humble in demeanor, relational in approach, practical in its application, ongoing in its nature, and responsive to the needs and desires of local leaders.

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