Recently, a 65-year-old Turkish psychologist reached out to some of the two million refugees living in camps throughout her country. In the northeastern town of Kırıkhan, which means “broken” in Turkish, she distributed paper and pens to dozens of restless children.

Among the children interested in drawing was a six-year-old boy named “Farid.”

Farid was born in Syria but had recently fled the country with his terrified parents and three siblings. The family had escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Farid picked up a pen and drew a large cross reaching from one side of the paper to the other. The psychologist watched in awe as this Muslim child of illiterate parents then drew a picture of a man on the cross.

“Who is this man?” she asked the boy.

“This man is the one who is going to save Syria,” the boy answered.

Behnan Konutgan, Executive Director of International Needs Turkey, recently shared this astonishing Advent_TheManontheCross_Turkey_Smallstory of hope from Turkey’s refugee camps. He and his team regularly work with Syrian refugees living in the camps, always ready with food, clothing, blankets, words of encouragement, and a listening ear for people who have lost nearly everything.

Amidst the pain of displacement and fear, one little boy had somehow learned about the man on the cross—a man who, like him, was also a refugee.

This man was born to save the world and, yes, He was born to save Syria! Amen.

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