Aftershock: Esther Thapa on the Impact of Nepal’s 2015 Earthquake

We have had more than 300 aftershocks since the earthquake on April 25. It makes me emotional to talk about because everything has broken down. I don’t like to go to Kathmandu City because all our beautiful temples and palaces and artifacts have broken down. Going out to the field to help the victims is even harder.

I am a director but I have a woman’s heart inside me, after all. I try to be very strong, and I don’t cry in the field. But when I come back, I see the food on our table and I cry because I have seen so many people without food.

I have seen houses collapsed and people trying to find bodies and then to dig a morgue for the bodies. I have seen people trying to eat food that is spoiled and full of mud. People are living for months in tents. The schools are destroyed – the children have nothing to do. The very young and

Nepal Family
Nepal Family

the very old are trying to repair their homes. Mothers have little food for their babies. There are heavy rains, landslides, and avalanches in the mountains. These days I am asking where is God?

IN Nepal Executive Director Esther Thapa