From persistent little girl to dedicated nurse, Maria’s heart shines through.

When she was nine years old, Maria walked through the front gate at the International Needs Rose of Sharon school in the La Playa area of Barranquilla, Colombia. She was entering third grade at a new school and felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

Maria made friends and quickly began to shine at her new school. From that first day to her graduation day in 2012, she stood out as a strong leader who was loyal and full of joy.

After graduation, she went on to study nursing at a technical institute in Barranquilla. To nobody’s surprise, she is now thriving as one of the top students in her nursing class.

Recently, Maria had the opportunity to give back to the school community that embraced her when she was a child.

In February 2015, an International Need medical team from the United States brought a week-long

Maria helping at medical clinic
Maria helping at medical clinic

medical clinic to the La Playa area to provide medical care in an area where people simply cannot afford it. Maria joined the team and assisted in the triage area, providing care for more than 400 patients.

The nine-year-old Maria who first walked through that Rose of Sharon gate never imagined she would return to the school to care for the people of her community in this manner. She felt a joy deep in her heart that she was able to give back to this community and bless them in this way.

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