Monsoon flooding continues to affect Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.

These last few weeks have seen many families affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. News reports are full of information, stories, and ways to help. We continue to pray for the many people cleaning up from Harvey as well as the people in the path of Irma right now. The loss of life, destruction of property, the mess and devastation – the situation is overwhelming, but we know these things matter to our Lord because we know how He loves his children. We pray in faith because we serve a good God.

There is another devastating situation that has not received as much news coverage because it is taking place on the opposite side of the world. Over 1,200 people have died and an estimated 24 million have been affected by monsoon rains in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. This flooding has taken place over weeks and while the waters have started to recede in some areas, monsoon season continues into September and October. Millions of people are living in the midst of devastation we cannot even imagine.

McDonald Adhikary, Executive Director of IN Bangladesh, shares the following:In Bangladesh 1.3 million people have been affected by flooding over the last few days. Thirty seven people have died and around 368,000 people have been displaced and are staying in 970 temporary camps. A large number of people are living on the road without food and shelter. My request to all our national and international friends, please pray for Bangladesh. All these flood affected people really need your prayer and support. I just returned from northern part of the country and I felt very sad looking at our poor farmers who lost everything in the flood. Please pray for the situation. We praise God that most of our INCAP children and staff are safe.

Esther Thapa, Executive Director of IN Nepal shares that after the 2015 earthquake, this is the worst situation they have faced. The IN Nepal team is working to connect with church planters to assess needs.

Prasanna and Arpana Khaling from IN India report that while the monsoon is almost over, most of their regions were badly affected with floods and disruptions in roads and rail transportation. Siliguri was not affected by floods, so the Sano Diyo home and the children in the Siliguri area are safe.

International Needs will be looking for opportunities to help many people work to rebuild their lives. If you would like to give toward recovery and rebuilding efforts, you may give online here or send a check with South Asia Flooding in the memo.

Please also join us in praying:

• For comfort for families living through loss and devastation
• For farmers and small business owners who have lost their livelihood
• For children whose education has been interrupted
• For the many aid groups working together to help with immediate needs
• For International Needs staff in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal as they work to comfort and help

We are so grateful for your prayers and support as we serve God together.

In Him,

Teri Van Hekken
Senior Vice President